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Falso Morocho or Quitapenas (4500m) | Alta Catamarca, Argentina


This peak is the best option for the first day we spend at "Las Grutas". It is a two-hour stroll, which will be very good for us to acclimatise and begin to adapt to the altitude.  Although the route up is not at all interesting, the view from the top is spectacular.


Area: Alta Catamarca, Argentina               Andes

Type of activity: Expeditions

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1 Map Argentine IGM

2 Diagram





Difficulty:  None, a high altitude stroll.

Recommended material: Trekking equipment

Best time: November-March

Difference in level: 500m

Times: Grutas-Quitapenas 2h

Map:  Carta topográfica-Hoja 2769-17 Paso de San Francisco 1:100.000 IGM Argentino

Waypoints in UPS UTM/Datum WGS84 position format: Las Grutas  19J 0586324   7022823 Quitapenas  19J 0589190   7020220



We leave "Las Grutas" on foot.






5 At the peak

6 The peak

7 Cerro San Francisco going down




The ascent is obvious, we cross the road and walk over a plane to the foot of the mountain.  We zigzag from left to right to the summit. A very interesting view of the whole area.


Different names we can find along the route 

Falso Morocho and also Quitapenas


Date of information: 2007

Date of the route: December 2006




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