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English version translated by Christopher Geatrell


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General information


Fiambalá, Las Grutas and the different free refuges in the area


General recommendations of the area                                                         Transports       


Summits reached


Mount Pissis (6792m)

          Cerro de San Francisco (6016m)


Cerro Bertrand (5275m)

          Cerro Lampallo (4750m)


Falso Morocho or Quitapenas (4500m)



Summits not reached, but with lots of information


Cerro Incahuasi (6621m)

          Cerro Dos Conos (5880m and 5790m)


Summits not reached, with a touch of information


OTHER SUMMITS (all together)

          Ojos del Salado (6891m)


Cerro El Cóndor (6373m)

          Cerro El Fraile (6062m)


Cerro Negro de la Laguna Verde (5764m)

          Cerro Chucula (5760m)


Cerro Peinado (5741m)

          Cerro Pabellón (5331m)


Cerro Morocho (5050m)

          Cerro de los Aparejos (4719m)



Welcome to ‘Muntanya viva’. This website is made in Catalonia (Barcelona is the capital), and is written entirely in Catalan. However, for this expedition, we thought it would be worthwhile translating the information on such a remote area into the language of the host country (Argentina), Spanish, and into the principal vehicular language in the world, English. This expedition was the dream of four friends. We organised ourselves together to plan it entirely self-sufficiently, in an area on which there is very little information and the solitude can still be enjoyed. It was a pleasure to prepare the trip and then spend one month "in situ" with them.

Olga Colell (Calaf), Isaac Fonoll (Calaf), Gerard Gros (Agramunt) i Albert Isús (Rubí)


Muntanya viva